Friday, October 31, 2014

Inspiration For Mood

Back to this column again *smile*

Fashion, style and photography is becoming my next improbable dream. It seems to be late for me to realize the existence of this field. Cause in my mainstream of photography mostly about nature and landscape. But just like I said before...I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable there will be big NO for too late to learn ha *wink*

This Zero Gravity, the late editorial in HUF Magazine gave me inspiration for my next trip on Nov 2nd. Here some Christina Sandrock's photographed for Huf Magazine...

...bouncing...flying...against the gravity force...

Happy Halloween

I am still absent from my beads and jewelry making. But I try to keep busy to gain my creative mood back again. I love photography since high-school. So now is perfect moment to up one level of my skill *smile*

I went to mall near my home on wednesday. They decorate their 3rd floor with Halloween decoration. I feel like a little girl again, door to door knocking, hunting for sweet candies ke ke ke here some shoot of mine...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mooi Indie

Let me start my Oct with something that I love since I was in high Yesterday I had a visit portrait of life exhibition of the work of Jean Demenni (1866 - 1939) during the colonialism era (late 1800s until early 1900s).
The exhibition presents a glimpse of life in Indonesia during the colonialism period. The beauty of it captured through Jean Demenni's photographs, covering the life and works in the old days. They allowed me to take some pictures, so here some portraits from the exhibition...

::: Visitor Deserted :::
 When I visited the exhibition, it less visitor *sayang banget*
 Good education for young generation I think *wink*
 Free place for family time *smile* and free education too

 ::: Jean Demenni's Photographs :::

I really want to stay for Soerabaja Tempoe Doeloe music concert by Mr. Rubijanto Robby Soetanto, but I had to wait for more three hours *grin* well I had to go some other place, so it was not my lucky day to enjoy vintage music

...CU on my next ME TIME...