Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#4 ~ Create Art

The result of a week reading beading magazine for my 'take time', so here my 'create art' 
It's simple beaded bead I have made. 
All along, I collect glass beads and gemstones by buy them from store or online. But now, I can make my own bead. It's so thrilling you know. I smiled like crazy lady seeing my first beaded bead (the one with yellow and red color, using swarovski bicone 2mm). The tassel need little bit extra eyes he...he...he...yuppss I just not use to seed bead before. But...I love this new thing! So I think I'll step-a-side my stringing for a while, digging more about beading. Ahhh...it's Bead Soup Blog Party time. Planning for sending some beaded beads for my partner *smile*

Monday, January 28, 2013

#3 ~ Take Time

I know...I know...it's not just late...but ttoooo late *sorry*
My laptop was broken-down (monday 14th) because of motherboard malfunction. So basikly, I almost gone from the net about 4 days. I already prepared everything, include the photo on Jan 18th and...baannggg...I had no access from my camera to my handphone. Another problem which was unresolved. And...just today I touch again with computer. But not with my laptop, with new tablet. I have to say goodbye to my laptop...can't save they said.

...ahhh...just get back to the topic okay...
Well...it's about a week I'm gone and no connect with net world. So my 'take time' quite a lot *grin* yuuuppss...I read my back issues magazines. I do enjoy the moment. Admire the works of art in many forms, not just jewelry, there are a lot of sophisticated dress design, interior and exterior, amazing outdoor photograph and of course yummy recipes...grreeeaatttt...
And...I gobble it down!!! What?!? Those vcd's...all of vcd on the box...he he he...most of them Jodie Foster's movies and Star Trek's movies (from the old - 1980 - to the present day - 2012). So much fun. And I realize that neglect my vcd collection for quite sometimes. So it feel good when I open the box again and read the synopsis one by one before I play the vcd. 

And beside that...I had to take time to learn my new gadget...tablet...bit frustating with the mini button, as I am 'chubby' lady with fat fingers. But I have to learn it more cause it only gadge I have to connect with net world...so...fighting!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello Partners!!!

This is the first time we have this kind of event on crafting...Indonesia Bead Swap...although only 19 participants, but still I don't miss the spirit. As I'm the host, so I will have  2 lovely partners. My 1st partner is  Febrini Ananda. And she is learning to make clay beads...real clay from soil...I hope she will send her clay beads too for me *grin*
Here her attempt clay beads
As for my 2nd partner - Esterina Mestoko - interest on polymer clay. She learn to make it. Yuupppsss...all my partner will be artist bead soon. I'm so glad to know that in Indonesia emerging seed handmade beads maker. Huuummm...I'm thinking about tassel, perhaps I'll make some for both od them *dink* Hope they will like it...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

#2 ~ Your Word

Welcome to the 2nd week of Focus On Life 2013 host by Sally Russick. For this week the focus is on 'my word' which mean ( I'm trying to gain a meaning of this theme) the word that will has an important role in my journey through the year of 2013. Thinking about it for sure. I accidentally found it after editing some photos that I snapped on last sunday. It is...

City Park

Ronggolawe Park at Joyoboyo street.
I live in the city of Surabaya since I was in college. That means 13 years now. And you can call me 'weird' for thirteen years that I have not ever tried to visit some parks in Surabaya. I'm nester aka I love to stay at home, go out if there is necessary thing to do outsite. So on last sunday (Jan 6th) me and my hubby went to city park near my house. I brough some beads from my Manik Jawa and some supplies. 
The Playground
For sure I need open place (except my house's backyard), the new one, for my glass beads's photoshot venue. I always using sun light and open space to shot all my beads and jewelry. And perhaps new place to have some inspiration for my PC. So I tried this one...visiting near city park...
Mini Football Field
This is new experience for me. At first...I was trying to enjoy the crowd (especially the kid's scream and laughter). It's difficut. Since I used to work in a state of silence and high concentration when I designing and making jewelry. First...I was trying to gain my concentration and focusing on my glass beads which ready to snap. Some kids came by and asked me few questions. My reaction was s.h.o.c.k cause I was not preparing to be asking that and this. But I have to handle it. Bit by bit...I started to enjoy it. And finally I took some snap for my glass beads. So...it is a very good venue for my glass beads snap *mark*
Horse Statue
Second...I'm fail to get some inspiration from the park for my jewelry. Although the park its self has present its beauty with the flowers and the trees, clean and fresh air, not too hot weather and a strong horse statue as a mark of the park. So I put down my bag of supplies and my note book. And started to walk around the park.
The Park's View
New activity for new year...visiting the city park!
Will continue with other parks next time. I certainly would often visit Ronggolawe park for photograph purposes, specially for my glass beads. Oohhh...so happy finally I found  a new place.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

On My Table : Today

 Arrived on 2nd Jan 2013
Arrived on 7th Jan 2013
I'm confuse. Which one gonna go first? Metalsmith or stringing for a necklace or bracelet? For sure I can't go for both. Cause no time! Better be go for stringing first, cause I really in the mood for ABS's January challange and Beadaholique contest *semangat*

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Feeling Blue

I'm in wonder actually.
Is that - Feeling Blue - is a good name for a necklace? As my sky never stop pouring water and give me cold night plus foggy morning, so I always keep on my mind that everyday is lazy day. Seeing my clothes difficult to dry because sun so shy to show her face. My bicycle and motorcycle always washed almost everyday after use them cause of muddy road gives them spots. I'm lazy in activity cause the weather is very conducive to going to bed only and succeed to frozing my brain to more inspirative.
So here...came out from laziness so hard. Picked blue - white - black and turn it become necklace.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

#1~ Self Portrait

When I decided to join Sally's project on Focus On Life 2013, first think poped-up in my head was 'how I will appreciate my life this time'. For honest, I almost achieve nothing in 2012. All my plans *ppuufff* except for Manik Jawa. So once again I put some goals for this year. And hopefully I can use this project as a 'tool' to record every activity I do to achieve the goals that I have set for this year. So here I am...
he he he I'm using my camera phone to take this photo and edit it plainly on photoshop without any effect. If you wonder about the blur things, it's because the camera pixel is low. Old fashion handphone, not sophisticated 'the smart' one.

Time to snap tour now!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Indonesia Bead Swap

I'm In!!!
*dink donk*
Finally we have event like this locally. So of course I'm gonna take a part. Wondering who will be my partner and what kind of pieces I can make from the bead swap I receive from my partner. So exciting...

I really want to enter ABS Challenge for this month. But still not sure about it. Will think once more, cause I need artisan beads in order to enter the challenge. I have very limited artisan beads =(

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's 2nd Jan 2013

Brand new day on the new year.
I'm sure one thing about this year of 2013, that I'm gonna try my best to do something more give impact to myself and others. More active on nature stuff, more fund for SETI, more creative and passion for Manik Jawa, and the last is more imaginative and soul for PC. All of them to support my daily step thru this life. It's a kind of responsibility that I must take surely. 2013 might be tough for me. I have a list of achievement that I should accomplish until the end 2013. A bit shy to show the list in here. Too high I guess *smirk* but that's fine.
Very early of this year (the 1st), I read on Rebekah's blog and my tears streaming down my cheeks. Hope she will be ok soon. It's mean that my plan to bring her cute polymer clay beads into my store briefly pause. I woke up this morning, very early at 04.00AM and still I feel sorry for Rebekah. Her tribute to her 'best' friend so touch me deeply into my soul. So I walked on the mini park close to my home to dispel concerns about Rebekah's Pepper. And here some capture to bright your day today *smile*

May your day today bless. Ohh...I just follow books giveaway. Interesting books for someone like me who keep learning on jewelry technique. Just pay visit to Speedie Beadie's blog to follow the giveaway. Have a nice new day...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


For my early piece for this line, as the early of a new year, firework always pop-up in my head. Try to transfer the idea into a piece of jewelry. Still using cowhide leather cord and Gudo glass beads, tryed to transfer the meaning of the firework. So here what came-up this afternoon. My first necklace for PC...FIREWORK...

Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!!!