About Me

Hey there! 
I'm LiliKrist. I'm the designer of Jamang and soul of ManTraKoe plus the artist behind the photography of this blog. I'm a lover of nature, handmade, gemstones, books and movies. I'm a cruncher of SETI and polar bear lover.

All along I was collecting beads, but I had no real plans for using them. Until on rainy season in end of 2009, I planed to give something for my little brother's wedding. Special gift for his bride. A necklace. From that moment to now, I'm still learning. I'm a self-taught jewelry designer. I love all things textural and put an amount of detail into all my pieces. Using just my hands, several tools, various found of beads and materials plus some techniques, I try desperately to keep up with all the ideas that pop into my head.

Being a designer really keeps my imagination on it's toes, and here at MJ (stands for ManTraKoe and Jamang) Studio's blog you'll catch a glimpse of what inspires me and see all the things I make. 

Thanks for stopping by today!

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