Monday, July 1, 2013

TMY Reveal Day

Today is time for me to show-off the bracelet that I made from the beads that my partner sent to me. But first, what is TMY?!? Just simple click HERE and HERE for the details. So many beads that sent to me from my partner, but I'm not quite productive this month, so I only make a bracelet using her paper beads handmade and lobster clasp. To refresh the beads that I got, here the photos...
Are you ready for the reveal?!? Ohh...almost forget, this bracelet is for Tukeran Manik Yuks challenge host by Manik JawaHere what I made -
 Summer is now. But sometimes rain still pass by. Summer this year seems to be friendly summer...not too hot and dry, so I can see some spring colors still perched.