Monday, June 30, 2014

Artisan Wish List : June 2014


Back again after two months missing *smile*
If I have a lot of money, I will not confuse how to spend them. Cause I have long list of artisan wish list *giggling* It is the truly meaning of happiness of mine to have their pieces, although only one. I am hoarder of handmade things. When I was moving house last month, I have five big boxes of glass beads (mostly Gudo traditional glass beads) plus two small boxes of artisan beads and three big boxes of my beadweaving needs. These boxes are not include my jewelry (some I made, some I bought). My hubby frowned saw those boxes. But still I keep my list long and long l.o.l....

In my daily routine, I am very rarely to use jewelry. I buy jewelry which has statement meaning. And I wear them on special occasions. And Kiki Adiwijaya's design with her label Borneo Queen is one of jewelry statement on my wish list. Every time she issued a collection, it always sold out *wow* If you curious enough, just take a look HERE and you will find out why it is always sold out *smile*

My eyes gone green every time seeing lampwork. I don't know why, but lampwork is just like candy to me. So does Rebecca Jurgens lampwork beads. So speechless. So waiting for SALE *aiiihhh* click HERE and your eyes will be spoiled by her art of lampwork.

I adore Kristi's metal clay. And she is having SALE this week to celebrate her new webstore. I bought some of her products. And if you want to enjoy her sale, click HERE to read the detail. Love her finish colors so much.

Reveal Monthly Challenge : June 2014

Another reveal day *smile*...

My creative mood is truly should say thanks to those many jewelry challenges out there. By join them, I can explore and learn new way of jewelry making. My soul is in beadweaving, but I cannot close my eyes from other techniques. At least I have to try it. Just like for this challenge, with the inspiration below quote, I tried to make something out of my comfort zone.

Making jewelry using wire is so famous everywhere. So I decided to try to make simple wire stringing for this challenge. Loop by loop. My patience has been tested through beadweaving, so making small loop wire between beads just need another portion of my patience *wink* what I need from this test is NEAT result. Well...are they NEAT enough Ladies (especially those who have been used this technique to make jewelry)? Please give me your criticism...

Yupss...I made one set - necklace, ring and bracelet. I was dying to make the design as simple as possible. If you have visited this blog quite often, you will found out how wild my imagination and turn it into complicated piece of jewelry. To achieve that simplicity, I looks at Korean , Chinese and Japanese teenage style which is in my opinion their style is ready to use and easy going with one single tone of colors.
So I picked silver. I love silver tone. Matching with any colors. The materials are light weight. Cause I believe that teenage avoid heavy jewelry with complex details *grin* 
 See the loop between the beads? Neat enough kah?
Speaking about the materials, I used wire a lot for this design. Some resin beads, synthetic pearls, glass beads, chain and headpins. My skill  in using pliers is tolerable for now L.O.L trust me pliers were so heavy for me at the first. 'Pull the wire with plier to shape' needs more power than 'pull the thread to shape'...yeah yeah I enjoy this 'pull' moment *smile*

For couples Monthly Challenges I was late on the reveal day. Perhaps others think that I'm not serious making this challenge event. Well...I can't guess the rhythm of my life. Ups and downs. At least I came up with design to fulfill the reveal day although late *sorry* I think I am alone for this month, although I noticed there are two Ladies signed up this month. I know both Ladies will be so busy this month, the days before the fasting of Ramadhan. Still I will visit them, hopefully they can come-up with their piece of jewelry design for this challenge. Here they are...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

1st Reveal For Parcel Lebaran

This is local challenge that I join in. Exchange bracelet as a gift to celebrate Lebaran is the mission from this challenge. I have two partners for this challenge. My first partner loves to wear bangle and bracelet. She is a jewelry maker too. Her name is Wulan Utie Harsono. And click HERE and HERE to find out her jewelry design. So what kind of gift that I sent for her?!?

::: For Wulan 'Utie' Harsono :::
My first partner is so in love with red and silver color. So I sent those three items for her. The silver color metal bangles are made in China. The silver metal bangles should be wear together with The Kanga.
...The Kanga...
 Do you remember this bracelet? Yups this Kanga is part of Good Karma collection. When I saw this, directly I remember about Wulan. So I decide to send this for her, together with the silver metal bangles.
 I used Miyuki seed bead, Czech faceted glass beads and acrylic red lily. I used Russian Spiral Rope technique for this part. I choose Miyuki seed bead and Czech firepolish beads. Inside the rope, I used wire to connect each end with red lily.
I used stringing here with Gudo traditional lampwork beads.

And I made something special to this parcel for her. I have ethnic looks bangle from Nunn, so I made this...
...Three Bazel Bangle... 
This bangle designed by Marla Salezze for Bead And Button magazine.
The materials for this bangle are...
Nunn Design Antiqued Silver Plated Round Bangle With Bazel
Swarovski Crystal Xilion Pendant Bead
Miyuki Seed Bead size 15o, 13o, 11o
Nymo Beading Thread

All the three bangles were packed into this batik box. Hope she will love them x.o.x *wink* to 2nd Reveal... to 3rd Reveal...

2nd Reveal For Parcel Lebaran

My second partner is Koleksi Iffah. She lives far away from Java island, at Mamuju. It is capital city of West Sulawesi. From the east part of Indonesia, there is a talented lady with her embroidery and clay. Take a look at HERE and HERE. Classic and ever lasting design.

::: For Iffah :::
She loves something with feminine scene. So I picked soft colors and flower beauty on my design for her. To be honest, I don't know how to bring girly scene into jewelry, cause most of my design is about nature and always bring the naturalist scene. Hope above gift can meet with her style *wink*
I made one new bracelet, the deep purple one. The white frosty is my Foggy Momento series for The Year of Jewelry Project
I used simply stringing technique to make these bracelets. I choose to use simple materials too, from synthetic pearls, glass beads, acrylic cabs, acrylic beads and dyed capiz sea shell. I think, the beautiful part of these simple bracelets are on the dyed capiz sea shell beads. I bough the beads from local fisherman.

...Misty Garden... you still remember with this bracelet? Yuuupss it is part of 5th A TimeTo Stitch challenge. For the reveal posting about the challenge, please click HERE.
 For this bracelet I used :
Toho bugle tube 9 mm
China bugle bead 3 mm
Miyuki 13o seed bead
Miyuki 11o seed bead
Czech drop glass bead
Swarovski butterfly crystal
Czech press flower
Lily flower enamel box clap

All the bracelets for Iffah packed into this box. I want to put double F just like her name, but the box was not fit with the alphabet's size *sad* Hope she will love them and used them when Lebaran arrive *smile*

I planned that the 3rd reveal would be the bracelets that I receive from both partner of mine - Wulan and Iffah. But until the reveal day I have not received their bracelets yet (still on the way to my address), so the 3rd reveal is COMING SOON until the bracelets arrive *wink* And here other participants for this challenge...





...back to 1st Reveal... to 3rd Reveal...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inspiration For Mood

::: Looking for A Time To Stitch 5?!? Click HERE :::

If you are frequently exposed to the world of art, sketching is the first step. But strangely not everyone who moves in the world of art can make a sketch. One of them is me *wink* My sketch mostly too rough, shy to show them to others. I learned a lot from Marc-Antoine Coulon about sketching. Take a look to his sketch here for your inspiration today...

5th A Time To Stitch Reveal

This is the first time I joined a challenge that pure about beadweaving. I'm so happy when found out about this challenge, so perfect for me. More practice for my beadweaving. And our host is Therese and Christine.

What kind of stitch did I choose? Most of my skill on beadweaving is about peyote. I want to try something different. So when I saw free tutorial at Bead and Button website - Daisy Lane by Luis Hernandez, I decided to try ladder stitch. Look likes simple and easy. And I have quite a lot bugle beads too. So perfect choice right...

::: Ladder Stitch In 3 Motions :::
To be honest, I never thought that end part of a bugle quite sharp. At first, I used Sono thread, and perhaps I was too strong to pull the thread and the tread broken. So I was worry about this. So I changed the thread with Fireline and Wildfire. So lets start the reveal with...

The basic elements of each bracelet that I will change are :
 ...the bugle size + the seed bead + the toogle + the thread + the embellish bead... 
The technique is all the same - ladder stitch

Elaphe Guttata
Elaphe Guttata is Miami Corn Snake. I love their skin pattern colors - red, silver and black. And I hoarded quite long time for the sterling silver snake toogle and clasp, waiting for the perfect moment to create something using this special toogle. 
For this bracelet I used :
Miyuki twist bugle 6 mm
Miyuki 13o seed bead
Czech spike glass bead
Bali snake sterling silver toogle
I found out that my spike's result is not exactly like what I wanted. I will make some addition after this. Perhaps will do circular peyote on the bottom of the spike so it will looks become one with the bottom.

Misty Garden
These three bracelets must be integral to a story. So the snake above is the subject. And this bracelet is the object. Curious?!? Follow me 'til the end okay *wink*
 For this bracelet I used :
Toho bugle tube 9 mm
China bugle bead 3 mm
Miyuki 13o seed bead
Miyuki 11o seed bead
Czech drop glass bead
Swarovski butterfly crystal
Czech press flower
Lily flower enamel box clap
I made some changing on the beads. For sure, the embellish part quite different. The edge part of the bugles (picot edge), I changed the 3 seed beads with - 1 seed bead, 1 drop bead, 1 seed bead...same technique...the result fantastic different right *smile* And at the clasp part, the first bracelet using the same size bugle size, but on this bracelet, I used different size and color.

Under The Bush
Have you guessed the story behind these three bracelets yet? This bracelet is the predicate *LOL* yups The elaphe guttata is hiding under the bush on the misty garden.
 For this bracelet I used :
Miyuki bugle 11 mm
Miyuki 13o seed bead
Miyuki 11o seed bead
Toho magatama
Czech O bead
Czech press leaf
Czech riso bead
Swarovski flower crystal spacer
Swarovski bicone 3 mm
Bali snake sterling silver toogle
The technique is still the same for the bugle, the technique for the picot edge of the bugle is the same way too, the X base for embellish is still the same, the way I connected the toogle and clasp is still the same way. I only change the beads, the colors and the size. The result is totally different. So the idea behind this challenge completely TRUE! By changing the beads, the colors and the size, can change the whole look of the piece, even using the same stitch.

It is fascinating to find out how bead choices, colors changes or size upgrades can change the piece, more than the stitch. So it is time to find out MORE by blog hoping to other participants below. More surprise pieces I believe...


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