Monday, March 31, 2014

Monthly Challenge March 2014 Reveal Day

Hello everyone...
Today is reveal day for March challenge. This month's inspiration is photo bride and groom above using India wedding dress. So many elements to explore. 

For myself when I saw the photo above, I remember one of my India movie favorite - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. One scene in this film is the manner of the Indian wedding. And I see brides wearing colorful bangle, both left hand and right hand. So I deside to make those kind of bangle. And guess what...maybe, on this challenge, I'm so productive. I made ​​quite a lot of bangles, bracelets and adjustable ring. And I explored a lot of jewelry technique too. Not only beadweaving, I explored my wirework skill and stringing too. Wanna see my work?!? Here they are...

::: Good Karma :::
 Married is a good thing that can bring good karma to us and new family that we made. So naturally, we celebrated with special. Especially clothes and jewelry. And the most important is the prayer that said over, certainly the best prayer for the bride and the groom. 
Bangles are part of traditional Indian jewelry. Bangles hold great value in Hinduism and tradition. It is considered inauspicious for a woman to have bare arms. Bangles are primarily associated with matrimony, signifying marriage in the same way that the Western wedding ring does. After wedding, the woman continues to wear her bangles as a charm of safety and luck for her husband. And after Hindu woman's husband dies, she breaks her wedding bangles in an act of mourning.

Bangles for left wrist. I used memory wire and China seed beads to make these adjustable bangles.
 Yellow for happiness and orange for succees.
 Red for energy, black for power and white for new beginning.
 Purple for independence, silver for strength and gold for fortune.
 When the bangles together on wrist.
I tried to use them *smile* and I give extra jewelry, glass rings, made by Gudo craftman. Not bad ha...

Here bangles for the right wrist. A lot of jewelry here.
Metal bangles in silver, gold and cooper. Made in China.
I used Miyuki seed bead, Czech faceted glass beads and acrylic red lily.
I used Russian Spiral Rope technique for this part. I choose Miyuki seed bead and Czech firepolish beads. Inside the rope, I used wire to connect each end with red lily.
I used stringing here with Gudo traditional lampwork beads.
Same with Kanga, I used one of beadweaving technique for this part.
I string colorful Gudo traditional lampwork beads and used Miyuki seed bead for the link.
I choose peach Czech faceted glass beads and acrylic lily.
Here my first adjustable ring. I used Artistic wire, yellow Gudo traditional lampwork and green Opal gemstone.
Here the important part. The connection between ring and bangles.
Another wire adjustable ring that I made *wink*
This beautiful wire flower link and wire ball beads are handmade by Tanty Sri Hartanti.
wuuuaaalaa... final look for the right wrist. I used Gudo glass rings too give more color accent.

Well...what do you think? I'm quite satisfy with my result *smile* A lot of learning process and exploring more jewelry technique. Now is time to visit other participant of this month challenge. Just click on their name ok...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Soup Has Arrived!!!

So so happy!!!
Cause the package arrived without any problem. I got some problems with my past posts. So it is a relief, this package comes with smooth. Thank you Divya N *hug* early this month, I already briefly introduce my partner HERE. time to get to know her more *wink*

She is jewelry maker for sure. And she has a jewelry class too in Chennai - India. Ahhh...professional one! In my opinion after seeing her design, something from her is very girly. From flowers to soft colors...all of them have always been true to her girly instincts. Take a look here to her designs...
She loves mixed media. Mix and match colours for stunning look, just like necklace above. I never pick pink in my design, but that earring above is exception. When pink and gold meets, so ladylike. You can find her update for her design on her Facebook page HERE and BLOG. Ohhh almost forget, Jewels of Sayuri is her brand for her design. And her Etsy shop is Here to find out her collections.

Back to the soup...she sent me so gorgeous colors to play. Red...Blue...Green. As partner, we talked a lot through email. And we decided to sent local beads and components. So I sent her made in Indonesia and she sent me made in India. But it seem that she found some trouble for the India custome service. So she did her best to send anything related to India. I'm so thrilled to find out...
Simple box with gold color...let's find out what's inside!
Open with cords and ribbon. These things usually use in India.
::: Flower embroidery ribbon + Temple cord in red and black + Temple cord in gold :::
::: Earth Tones :::
 Gold flower link. I love the details.
 Gypsy chain made by local gypsy.
 Lampwork by individual glass artist
 Seed bead
 A resin focal with glitter and sequins made by Divya herself.
 This one is tiny but beautiful. Is this Lorreal which used in Kundan Jewelry Divya? I challenge myself to made design using these
 ::: Tropical Forest :::
 Flower ceramic focal and green wood beads.
 Faceted gemstones.
 These are awesome. Made by Divya herself. Some wire link + Tree charms which already colored by her + Cooper toogle and clasp which already colored by her too. I think she uses patina to color the metals.
 ::: Deep Ocean :::
 Evil eye glass beads + Ceramic beads + Faceted glass beads.
Heart and star lampwork beads + China crystal beads + Natural sea shell + Gypsy chain
And I had love letter from her. This part is the most I like from this party. Correspondence in convensional way still leaves a distinct impression that can not be replaced by electronic correspondence. She gave a red touch of her drawing. It remains me of mehdi decoration *wink*

Now is time for me to concentrate. Play with all the colors above. And can bring something unique on May 3rd. Arrrcccchhhh...get set...GO!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dear March...

This month I got late start on magazine shopping. Picked one of my favorite *always* and the other just random select base on the article titles on the front cover. Pondering the need and the interest lay-on 'The New Tribal Fearless Fashion' article title for Vogue Australia April 2014. The idea in my head when reading TRIBAL is to mix and match between tribal and beadweaving. In my thought, tribal jewelry mostly using stringing technique, inversely with beadweaving. But when I saw the article, I'm quite impressed. Not only stringing, but embrodery and beadweaving are include in. Take a look for yourself...

Australian Vogue - April 2014
Model : Marina Nery
Photographer - Sebastian Kim
Source -

To create a synergy between tribal influences and modern day jewelry is a new challenge for me. As my background from Indonesia which is tribal is in my blood, hopefully it will not much difficulty. So for the next round is TRIBAL mood will be in my table *fighting*