Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dear July...

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Before this month ending, I want to let you beautiful and stylish Ladies know, that I have opened a new shop for my jewelry. After my beads shop, now it is time to introduce my design officially to public. I hope my jewelry shop can give something different.

Please enjoy this 7% discount everytime you buy something from my jewelry shop.
Use this coupon code when you checkout EARLYBIRTH
The earlybirth disc will be run until end of august 2014.

Please kindly have a visit and then give me input for my shop...

Reveal Monthly Challenge : July 2014

In the middle of long holiday, this reveal finally can upload on time. Cause I forgot to bring my camera, so I took shot of my jewelry using my phone. Not bad lah *smile*
What is the theme for this monthly challenge?!? Let me remind once again, you should pick one jewelry made by you and one jewelry that you ever bought from other jewelry makers. Give the reason why those two jewelleries are not worthy to be used again. And you task is...
Make some restorations to both jewelry. Make them shine again. Give them value once more. Put your amazing design on them until they worth more than before.

So here mine *grin*
First, I choose a bracelet made by local jewelry maker. She quite famous in here with her label Yunikua Art. This bracelet I bought from her about two years ago. Here the bracelet that I want to make restoration...

 Full looks of the bracelet
 The metal spacers become rusty.
 So does the cord end.
 The ceramic beads are so beautiful, unfortunately most of the round grommet are off.
The suede are broken.
Here what I keep from the bracelet. I will use the ceramic beads, cause I have the same beads too *lucky me* and for the chain, I will keep them for the next project.

::: Nuansa Putih :::
 From bracelet to necklace...
 I stringed a lot of white Gudo traditional glass beads. The focal is polymer clay bead handmade by FABs.
Lately, I fall in love with Czech glass beads, so don't be surprise that there will be a lot of Czech glass beads on my design *smile*
Swarovski bicone is never absent *grin*
Here the ceramic beads from the bracelet.
Want to give pretty  toggle and clasp for the neacklace.

Second, I choose my long-time necklace design for Cocktail Hour Blog Party. The focal broken already, cause by accident I dropped the necklace after wear it.
 Some of the elastic string are broken
 Dull gold chain
 The round grommet of the beadelle bead is off.
 Here what I keep from the necklace...beadelle beads...tiny black agate...rose quartz chips...

::: Nuansa Merah :::
 Mostly I used beadweaving technique for this necklace. The necklace itself used herringbone tubular.
 I combine colors and beads (including the rose quartz chips) for the necklace. And for the pendant, I made beaded tassel with a lot of elements...seed bead...beadelle bead...polymer clay bead handmade by FABs...tiny black agate...

Here the other participants for this challenge...

Monday, July 21, 2014

TMY 03 : Romany

Back again with...
...Tukeran Manik Yuks...
The last package doesn't mean the ordinary one, but it is the vice versa. I'm so speechless when opened her package for me. And my third partner is Wulan Utie Harsono.
Take a look what she had sent to me, used textile trend colors for autumn winter 2014/2015 ROMANY...
This theme alludes to the romance and history of the travelling people of old Europe. Color inspiration comes from their brightly painted caravans and the rich hues of their embroidered textiles.

Crystal inside Poly by Wulan herself
Druzy in Netting and Woven
So speechless...I really want to keep it inside my hoard box =D
So neat right...
I don't know what kind of stone are they, but they look so crunchy and juicy. Could it be citrine or honey jade?
Clueless *wink* looks like agate.
China crystal glass beads
Metal elements
Turquise, ceramic, glass beads and metal beads

Here mine for Wulan. Hope she loves them...
Gudo traditional glass bead
Krobo glass bead
Matsuno seed bead
Czech cupchain and mood bead
Metal element
Polymer clay beads handmade by FABs
Beaded charm I made for her with freshwater pearl + fire new jade + acrylic bead + seed bead + dalmation jasper
Dyed agate chip and green adventurine

Finally I finish this marathon reveal of Tukeran Manik Yuks, a local beads exchange that I join in. If you want to know the complete reveal, here they are...
1st Reveal with Noor Diniari
2nd Reveal with Jane Pranata
Time for me to take a rest and looking for some inspirations for these yummy beads. C U Ladies and have wonderful monday...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

TMY 02 : Chiaruscuro

Back again with...
...Tukeran Manik Yuks
This is the second post about local beads exchange, but with different partner. If you're looking for my first post with Noor Diniari, please click HERE. And my second partner is the same partner for 3Serangkai Dalam Aksi (Triumvitare In Action) - Jane Pranata. We meet again Jane *smile*
And the theme is second fabric trend colors for autumn winter 2014/2015...chiaruscuro...
The colors use of strong contrasts between light and dark. Metallic shades of copper and old gold speak to a medieval timbre and are used in combination with deep red and teal blue.
And here what Jane sent for me...

Miyuki triangle + MGB seed bead
uuwwwaaa...finally I have these kind of focal. Perfect for steampunk style.
Handmade focal druzy by Jane.
Assorted agate, Czech red, tiger eye and dyed jasper,
hihihi this one is my fav...sea glass. For sure it will fill the hoard box of mine *LOL*
Druzy cobochons. 
Although I work with seed bead a lot, but I don't know why I never buy druzy. Most of my druzies are from bead exchange like this event. Indonesian really love druzy. If you have Indonesian jewelry designer friend, try to take a look to their design, certainly many uses Druzy. Perhaps we are spoiled by nature, cause druzy is easy to find out in the local market with its gorgeous colors.
Silver chocker
Ohhh my...this one quite surprise me. I worked using beadweaving, so chocker like this so perfect with beaded pendant right. Why I never thought of this before? Thanks Jane *hug*

Here what I sent for Jane...
 Matsuno seed bead
 Gudo traditional glass bead
 Beaded charm by me from akoya pearl + seed bead + metal bead + fire new jade
A Lady pendant from polymer clay by eKlei-jar
Czech Cupchain and Mood bead
Goldstone chips and Adventurine star
Metal elements

Hope Jane will like the beads that I sent for her.
Have a great sunday everyone. I'll e back with the last TMY with my third partner. Coming soon...