Friday, January 31, 2014

Monthly Challenge January 2014 Reveal Day

Finally the reveal day is come. Actually it was January 30th 2014, so I'm late *sorry* This is the first challenge that I create for public. And for the first month of 2014, the theme is colorful dramatic Atlantic ocean, photograp by Philippe Brunoro.

So...what is my creation for the theme?!? I love the colors. When the first time I saw the colors, my thought told me something about skull *wwwaaa* So I decide to make necklace. Here my work for 1st month of Monthly Challenge...

The skull peyote can be twist into different style.
 First I made peyote bag with skull pattern using miyuki round seed bead. For the skull pattern is creation of Pam of Queenies Beads ( the left side) and I made modification little bit too ( thr right side ), just like photo above...
 For the necklace I used a lot of Gudo lampwork beads in different colors, skull ceramic beads, dyed black agate chip stones, star grey picasso jasper stones.
1st style with many skulls.
 Here the look of the first style.

 When you twist the peyote bag, you will find the 2nd style with single skull.
  Here the look of the second style.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Foggy Momento

The last week of January 2014 is so so hectic for me. So I decided to make simple piece for Week 5 of The Year of Jewelry Project. The theme is Mid-Winter Memories. For northern hemisphere, this is what happens as the weather changes from afternoon temps in the teens (F), followed by lots of snow, then the air changes to more moderate temperatures: FOG! And for today, the winter season almost end and the spring peered behind the door of weather. The fog cleared as temperatures rocketed into normal. Base on this, I tried to capture the moment when the season changes. 

So I made two simple bracelets. First, with frosty colors. And the second one more color's of life but still in misty colors =)
I used simply stringing technique to make these bracelets. I choose to use simple materials too, from synthetic pearls, glass bead, acrylic charms, acrylic beads, acrylic bail to dyed capiz sea shell.
I think, the beautiful part of these simple bracelets are on the dyed capiz sea shell beads. I bough the beads from local fisherman.

Now is time for you to enjoy other beautiful pieces from other participant, just click HERE ok. See you next week for another challenge.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gypsy Muse

It's my third time making earring *smile* the week 4's theme just so perfect to make earring. Gypsy so popular with their big and dangling earring. That's inspire me so well. So here my work for week 4 challenge of  The Year of Jewelry Project.
...front looks...
...back looks...
I made little bit modification on the triangle. Perhaps you still remember my geometric triangle for week 3 Circular Logic necklace, it's the same technique, but I used different kind of seed bead and size in here. 
For the dangle I combined Czech fire polish, miyuki round seed bead, Swarovski crystal bicone and teardrop genuine Africa ruby gemstones.
I ventured to play with bright colors this time. All of them Miyuki round seed beads in different colors and size.
The final looks when the Gypsy Muse earring hang perfectly.

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Artisan Wish List : Jan 2014

Last week of January 2014 is full of works. I still have three challenges to finish by the end of this month...Monthly Challenge...Operation Tackle That Bead Stash! and The Year of Jewelry Project. I need refreshing. So I go to browse some artisan beads. And these are my favorite artist for this month. Hopefully in the next time to come, I can buy their pieces *smile*

Lampwork glass beads artist from UK. My forever favo *wink* I always amaze everytimes I see her lampwork. Try to click HERE and then say it that you're agree with me about hers.

I've watched her work for a long time. Her ceramic beads so adorable. See for yourself HERE.

The last is Lisa Kan. I just found her few weeks ago. So stunning!!! I love her lampwork and her beadweaving works. And I'm droooolllling for her supplies shop...shibori silk ribbon and Czech Button are dancing in front of my eyes asking to buy *arrrrgggghh* Click HERE and you will love her taste of art.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Circular Logic

I was too late to enter my work for week 3's challenge of The Year of Jewelry Project. The theme for week 3 is Circular Logic and you can find out works from other participant in HERE. So let me reveal my design for this theme...

  1. ...Circular reasoning, is a logical fallacy in which "the reasoner begins with what he or she is trying to end up with". The components of a circular argument are often logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion must be true. ...
The bird and the egg, which one is the first?!? From this example, my design begin. Do you see the the arrows? The triangles symbolize the arrows. The arrows showing you the circular reasoning between the egg and the bird. The truth about two things (among birds and eggs) are often logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion must be true. However, the argument is useless because the conclusion is one of the premises. Circular logic cannot prove a conclusion because, if the conclusion is doubted, the premise which leads to it will also be doubted.
Lets go back to the necklace *smile* the long necklace (36" length) as seen on photo above, actually consists of two necklaces. The final result looks not ordinary perhaps for others, but I am satisfied cause it success to delivered my idea about circular logic term. The two necklaces are...

 ...The Bird's Nest...
 The length of this necklace is 19".
 The clasp is bird's nest charm, handmade by Nofie.
 The toogle are arrows made using geometric triangle which using delica. This is new technique for me and love it. I'll explore more this triangle, wait for my work of week 4 ok *wink*
And for the necklace, I combine sorrel organza ribbon and chain with gold color. I used 26 ga Artistic Wire in gold to tie-up the ribbon and the chain.

 ...Pigeon Paradise...
 The necklace length is 15".
 I stringed 11o Miyuki and 4mm Czech firepolish glass beads.
Pretty element of this necklace just like hidden paradise *smile*
  The clasp is pigeon traditional Gudo lampwork bead. I used Czech red crystal spacer to make crest of the bird =D
 The pretty element consist of Czech leaf and flower glass press beads. Add a lucent touch from gold open-jump ring and and round blue sky traditional Gudo lampwork beads.
The toogle are the same technique for The Bird's Nest necklace.

What do you think about the necklace? Really want to hear from you ladies.

Friday, January 24, 2014

IBS : From My Partner

Finally my bead swap package arrived on monday *yeeeeee* It's for 2nd IBSIndonesia Bead Swap. And my partner is a lovely lady who loves making wirework jewelry and clay beads. Her name is Nofie and you can find her creation in HERE. Now...lets open my package from her okay...

Druzy cabochons...Gemstones cabochons...Gemstones pendant
Glass beads in many shapes.
Bezel ring and metal charms.
Wire bird's nest charm and flower clay beads. All of them handmade by Nofie.

I love the wire bird's nest charm. Last week, I made plan to make same charm for my Circular Logic's design. But when I found out that I got the charm from my partner, what a beautiful coincidence right. I become more excited to finish my design *give hug Nofie*

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Seed Bead - New Technique

...and more delica *yippie*

This kind of seed bead really successfully making me broke L.O.L I spent my budget last month *december* for Delica. All over december, it seemed like lot of online shops had SALE mad!!! And I did manage to snag a  bunch of colourfulness from so fresh right...

Last year I bought e-book wrote by Kate McKinnonContemporary Geometric Beadwork. I was so amaze with the techniques and the complexity of the patterns in the book. After bough delica - because in this book using the delica, I ventured to try what the book teaches. I choose triangle. Want to see my triangles?

It's not finish yet. My full design will combine those triangles with other techniques. Hope I can finish the design by this saturday. Working with firm tension to maintain the triangle shape, make my hand numb. But I love with this moment result *wink* I need three more fighting!!!