Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bead In Transit

Last month, I WON a gift voucher US$ 25 from Unkamen Supplies. I won it from Cindy's new book promotion - The Missing Link. Lucky me isn't it? And when I go to the shop...wooooo...I was drooooliiiing completely. With that voucher, I was plan to buy some wires or plier set which the stock is not available in Indonesia. But I complitely distracted by his collection of Mood Beads and Miyuki...ooohhhh...I need two weeks to make a list. Thanks God the shop's owner patient enough to wait my order list.

This bangle handmade by Ralph Helmrich which using mood beads and some charms.

This earrings made by Ralph Helmrich using Miyuki and jump-ring.

Do you want to see my beads from Mr. Ralph's shop?
Here they are....
Can't wait they come to my home. They are in transit now *smile*
Thank you Cindy and Ralph!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Craft Bazaar

This saturday me and my four friends ( Yunikua Arte-Klei JarDe Laila and FABs ) will have bazaar. It's 15th Jakarta Biennale. I have not much stock to display. And last night, once again overtime to fulfill 'display' for bazaar. One of my jewelry that will be on bazaar is this bracelet below. I made them from capiz sea shell, faux pearl, acrylic beads and charms, China glass beads plus elastic string. Simple, not taking much time to create. Hope will be sold out on saturday. Wish me luck ok *smile*

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Gift Swap 2013

Forget to mention about this one *smile* For the first time I joined this event, sound nice. I missed Lori Anderson actually, miss her creative challenges, miss her writtings and miss her warmness. This event remind me of her. Hope she will getting better and better everyday *send pray* and hope this holiday she spends with tons of good times plus friends, really want to visit her *smile* if the distance is only a finger's length. Hope my virtual hug can reach her there in Maryland.

Back to the Gift Swap, my partner is Diah Anggreni. She lives in Bekasi - Indonesia. We chatted for a while, getting to know each others. Actually, I already prepare something, but I'm afraid that she will not like it, so I keep digging some informations to make sure that my gift at least 'OK' for her *smile* I'm really not good in making friendship...I like to be a ghost, watching and wonder if I made less friends *giggle* I'll post here my gift for Diah and I'll post her for me too. 

The weather is getting cold here. We don't have snow, but the rainy season makes chilly too. I bought these hand-decorated bottles last month on local craft fair, preparing for holiday gift on december. Some of my family members celebrate Christmas too. I came from plural faith family, so basically I celebrate all the holy day of each religion.
And what about you? Do you prepare gift too? Share with me please *smile*

Monday, November 25, 2013

What is next...

After finished the project for Non-Blogger / Blogger 10th Challenge - The Sea Garden hosted by Esterina M. Jagiella , another challenge is waiting on the list. It's about ornament. I still blank for now. But I have beautiful cross pendant made by Ezel findings, perfect for christmas ornament. Hope I can make something simple but eye-catching, rather than complicated no one wanted wk wk wk yeahhh I must admit that my taste little bit out of normal. 

Lightweight Color Coated Brass Stamping By Ezel. These filigree stampings are made of brass and coated with a semi-flexible color coating. Can be gently bent or wrapped without damaging or cracking the color coating.

I celebrate all great day of each religion, so for christmas this year I want to give for myself little bit luxurious gift. My one and only wish list for this christmas is A BOOK (not e-book) about beads history. I will buy one for my guilty pleasure no matter how much is the price as long as below $200. I imagine open the book just like a witch open their spell book, big and wide plus thick *smile* Beads and beadweaving indeed drive me into craziness. Ohh about the book, any suggestion please? I already have one title on my head, perhaps you Ladies can give me better choice? Mine is History of Beads by Lois Sherr Dubin.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Banda Bracelet

My entry for Non-Blogger / Blogger 10th Challenge - The Sea Garden hosted by Esterina M. Jagiella. I made the bracelet 100% using beadweaving techniques. I made the toogle and clasp adjustable, so wrist in any kind of size can use this bracalet. And if you like this bracelet, please kindly VOTE this bracelet by clicking HERE. Thank you...

I used square stitch to make the base row, before I embellished the base. I choose Sono thread rather than Fireline. For this project I need my work looks soft and has a lovely drape, so Fireline is little bit too stiff for the project. For the base I used 'bead soup' colours of 8o seed beads from different brand such as Czech + MGB + Toho. You can see HERE for the base picture.

For the hook part, picture above, I made it adjustable. I put some fresh water potato pearls as button. I used MGB square seed beads and russian spiral rope technique for the 'elephant trunk'. For the 'pink algae' I used MGB square seed beads too and fringe technique. The two different kind of dolphin is the kind of dolphin which found in Indonesia ocean - delphinus capensis and delphinus delphis.
The seaweed in green made of 6mm MGB bugle and 11o Miyuki seed beads plus loopy fringe technique used to embellish the 3rd base row. And the pink sponge used the same technique but this time I used 11o Miyuki seed beads, 6mm MGB bugle, 4mm Swarovski bicone and pink keshi pearls.
Do you see the coral? Three layers on dark brown *wink* 
Picture above and below are the clear pictures to show the coral part and the purple sea anemone. For the coral, I used 11o Miyuki seed beads and square stitch technique, so does the sea anemone, but different seed beads (I used MGB 11o square seed beads and czech drop glass beads).

I call the 2nd base row (above) as coral reef. Why? Most of coral reef ecosystems always have coral + sea anemone + zoanthids. That's why coral reef often called "rainforest of the sea". Speaking about zoanthids, which is it on this part?
Zoanthids of this bracelet is the red one, just like flower petals. I use brick peyote stich technique on 11o Miyuki seed beads, fresh water pearl and 4mm Swarovski bicone.
Beautiful isn't it? The coral reef surrounded by seaweed and sponges.
The 1st base row (above) embellished with seaweed, just like the 3rd base row. The technique is same too, loopy fringe, used 11o Miyuki seed beads (red + green) and 6mm MGB bugle.
Do you see the sea turtle hide and seek between the seaweed and the sponges? *giggle* The sea turtle is Gudo lampwork glass bead. The sponge just like on the 3rd base row, loopy fringe used on 11o Miyuki seed bead, 4mm Swarovski bicone and pink keshi pearls.
And for the toogle I used Czech 8mm square seed bead and basic peyote stitch technique.
Front and back when the bracelet used.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ornament Blog Hop Challenge

I'm bit overwhelming getting near to christmas. If I may to be honest, actually my permanent job nearly end of the year always get 'pile up'. As accountant who deal with tax, end of year is hell. If we miscalculated, could be next year's tax man appeared in front of the gate of the factory in which we work ha ha ha
But I can't escape from this challenge. Christmas atmosphere so thick in here. The chill weather is very supportive. I can smell the pine and spruce in the air. So tax matters can't hold me from joining this challenge which sponsor by Art Bead Scene. It's pure challenge no reward. I love it!!! I need something like this. You want to join with us?!? Just simple click H.E.R.E.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

If I Must Go Out of Town While...

...I haven't finished my piece for challenge. 
What do I do?!?

Pack all the things I need to finish it!!!
That is what happening to me today. I have to go out of town, while my project for Non-Blogger And Blogger 10th Challenge - The Sea Garden  hasn't finished yet. I won't give-up. I'm trying to hold my commitment to the challenge. When I decided to join-in, there is responsible over me. I will make time to finish. At least I'll try it first, but if I still can't finished the project on time, what else I can do then. But now I still have three days to finish the project, so I packed the beads that I need to finish the embellish the base row just like below picture.
All seed beads in plastic clip plus freshwater pearls and some swarovski bicones. I carry my fish handmade ceramic connector made by China artist - friend's of my friend and some czech glass beads. I put all the beads into a transparent plastic container. Sono thread + scissors (I didn't carry my thread zap cause for this project I choose Sono thread rather than Fireline. For this project I need my work looks soft and has a lovely drape, so Fireline is little bit too stiff for the project). 
See...I lay my work just like the picture above.
And on the very top I fold my beading mat, so all things under the beading mat can stay still, not moving to the right or to the left.
I'm ready to go. The plastic container + my sketch book + tablet (to stay online) + ipod shuffle are ready to accompany me out of town. What about you? What do you do if you have the same situation just like me?
See you on sunday Nov 24th 2013 for the final reveal day.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


The inspiration for the challenge

This morning I did complite the base row.

1 hour ago...

Embellishing the base with some imaginative ideas =D hope it'll not too weird.

Peek A Boo

D-8 for Non-Blogger And Blogger 10th Challenge - The Sea Garden , the final reveal day is Nov 24th 2013, next sunday and I was busy to cleaning my work-area yesterday - saturday *wink* I can't concentrate on the project if my work-area too dirty. Messy is ok, but not with the dirt. Here what I have don't for saturday night hihihi...
Left side is my seed beads and right side is my handmade artist beads + gemstones

My tools!!!

These boxes are my Gudo lampwork beads collection.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Non-Blogger/Blogger 10th Challenge ~ The Sea Garden

As animals comfortable silence in the house, as well as the state of this blog. Maybe I was too comfortable working on other projects so forget to write on this blog.

Finally I'm back, although not at full power. There are still remains of laziness here and there. Re-write this blog in preparation for the challenge in which I participated in Bead Soup Cafe * my fav group* here the inspiration photo...

Our Hostess : Esterina Mestoko Jagiella, chose this underwater photo, taken by her friend, Dinink Sonia, for this Challenge. Inspiration FOR SURE! And I made this sketch. This is a bracelet. I plan to make it as simple as possible and want to be able to bring the beauty of the ocean floor in the form of a bracelet.


I am a lover of beadweaving. And of course will use this technique. For sure in my head now, clearly pictured of peyote ... fringe ... circular brick ...
I'll bring the progress ASAP ok.