Thursday, February 14, 2013

Package For BSBP#7


Now on the way to Queensland to Lorelle's home. Hope she loves them much as I do. I sent some Indonesia artisan beads and some local traditional glass beads. And of course my handmade beads *narcissistic* I actually lack of confidence to send my handmade beads, cause as I remember, Lorelle is a beading lady.*smile*
And...I hope the package will arrive save and on time. It should be reach Australia by the end of the month, so will have plenty time to play with the soup. Have fun Lorelle *.^

Monday, February 11, 2013

#6 ~ Feel The Love

What do you see...
What do you feel...
So full of L.O.V.E...
She is my cat - Ghoni - with her kitties - Imbul - Iteng - Bengni. She has been my friend two years now. Although she is young mommy, she pretty handy with her kitties. Take a look to the last photo, so touching isn't it.
Thank you for stopping by. Please don't forget to click HERE to find wonderful blogger who participating in "Focus On Life.


Thank you to our lovely host, Lori Anderson, for her hard working to maintain this party on. Hope her migrane gone away. Now is time to reveal my partner for the party *smile* This is my 2nd time to join the party. My first partner was from France - Solange Collin. And now for the 7th BSBP I have Lorelle McIntyre from Queensland - neighbour country. Here she is...
Curious with her masterpiece? Just simple click web address below :

For two days I paid a visit to her BLOG and her Facebook, my conclusion is she is a beading lady w.o.w I got tough partner. Bit confuse, what kind of beads I'll send for her. It seem Lorelle mastering every technique in jewelry. Not like me who keeps still with stringing and macrame *ddooohh* But lately I learn about making beaded beads he he he hope it'll help me to give something for my partner. 

My soup almost done, just lacking a few items. By tomorrow afternoon will be ready to ship to Brisbane. Here the sneak a peek of my soup for Lorelle. Hope she feels challenged to create those yummy soup.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Indonesia Bead Swap Reveal

The day is coming...finally...
After holding curiosity to show-off what I have sent to my partners (yuuppss two) and what I have received from my them, this day - 03rd Feb 2013 - finally came. First...let me show you what I have sent for my beautiful partners.

From the front row...
A pack of stainless steel open jump-ring
A pack of light yellow round fire agate
A pack of dyed blue turquoise agate chips
A pack of acrylic wild butterfly in colors
A tube of MKG blue seed bead
2 pcs heart charms with pink enamel
2 pcs green ribbon charms
1 pcs flower design toogle and clasp in pink enamel,
1 pcs rainbow in my heart polimer clay bead, handmade by Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio
1 pcs dolphin clay cabochon, handmade by Wulan Pelita Craft
9 pcs flower fimo clay beads
2 pcs black orchid Gudo painting glass beads, handmade by Fida Art
1 pcs sakura Gudo painting glass bead, handmade by Fida Art
1 tube of MKG green seed bead
2 pcs skull ceramic beads
1 pcs Gudo tassel bead, handmade by myself
6 pcs petals Gudo beads in colors
1 pcs beaded bead made from cracle glass beads, handmade by myself
3 different kind of animal Gudo beads - turtle - owl - monkey
2 pcs black tube with flower Gudo beads
1 pcs swirly green link bead, made from Gudo bead by myself
4 pcs natural aventurine stones in star shape
9 pcs Korea peridot stones
Hope she will love the beads. Speacially the clay beads and the painting beads, as she is interesting into this two kind of beads. Hope the beads can give spirit to start making her own clay and painting beads. So fascinating to find out more people interesting to make their own beads.

Some beads are same with the first. And Esterina has interest on clay too. But definitely, her interest on polymer clay, made me cheer. Artisan polymer clay is coming...
5 pcs blue millifiori ala Gudo beads
6 pcs petal Gudo beads in color
1 pcs monkey Gudo bead
5 pcs orange millifiori ala Gudo beads
4 pcs round beaded beads, made from China  green electroplate glass beads, handmade by myself
1 pcs tube beaded bead, made from round tiger eye stones & yellow swarovski bicones, handmade by myself
3 pcs Gudo bead links, handmade by myself
2 pcs sakura Gudo painting glass bead, handmade by Fida Art
1 pcs lampwork glass pendant with gold sand
2 pcs red and white rose polymer clay beads, handmade by Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio
1 pcs dolphine clay pendant, handmade by Wulan Pelita Craft
6 pcs round fimo clay beads
1 tube of MKG blue seed bead
1 tube of MKG green seed bead
2 pcs turtle Gudo beads
2 pcs green ribbon charms
1 pcs flower design toogle and clasp in pink enamel
A pack of stainless steel open jump-ring
2 pcs heart charms with pink enamel
2 pcs red rose made from synthetic turquoise
1 pcs white rose made from synthetic turquoise
4 pcs natural aventurine stones in star shape
A pack of deep red round fire agate

It's time for me shown what I have received from my partner. Hhuuufff...I was speechless when I opened the boxes for the first time. And for the first time too I feel unpleasant with what I had sent, after couple times join bead swap. The first package was from my partner Esterina. Second is from my partner Febrini. Here what they have sent for me...

I devide her beads into three groups. Well...for sure I feel so so overwhelming with what she had sent for me. Although I perfectly know the meaning of bead swap is not about the money value or expensive or inexpensive the beads, but still I feel what I send was not commensurate with what I had received. So here what she sent for me. Prepare yourself drooling ok *giggling*

...the sea beads...
Do you see a face with sticking out tongue?
Well that's my imagination *smile*

The hair are freshwater potato pearls in colors.
The forehead is freshwater stick pearls.
The head (leaf & right) is natural freshwater potato pearls.
The eyes is natural south sea pearls from Lombok.
The flat nose is sea shell with leaf carved.
The bulky lips are natural sea shell and dyed red sea shell in flat round shape.
The red tongue is dyed red coral.

...the gems beads...
The colors so gorgeous. So a pot with flowers would be nice right. So what are they? From the very bottom...
The pot is rectangle large carnelian gemstones beads.
The left green branch is rondelle indian agate gemstone beads.
The left red leaf is rondelle red agate gemstone beads.
The large yellow flower is smooth round yellow jade gemstone beads.
The middle light brown branch is mini tube carnelian gemstone beads.
The big purple flower is large chips amethyst gemstone beads.
The right colorful brown branch is drum mookaite gemstone beads.
The right dark red leaf is round garnet gemstone beads.
The right deep purple flower is faceted round amethyst gemstone beads.
...the etc beads...
First in here you will find a special stone pendant  handmade by local people of Wamena. The story behind the pendant made me speechless. Here what my partner wrote...
"There are some local item for jewellery that are considered valuable in Papua, which are black fossil stones, crystal stones and orchids' stem outer fibre (the yellow/brownish fibre used for necklace, bags, bracelets etc) and the rarest are the crystal stone. Thia crystal stone (which more likely some kind of quartz) was cut using very simple whatever they have around tools, glued on some kind of sort tree bark and decorated with woven natural fibre string. The story behind this crystal pendant which purchased in Wamena from a Papuan man who persistently followed me for 2 days tried to sell some necklaces he had (I didn't understand why he didn't offer to anybody else). Finally I gave-up and felt sorry for him. I felt good after bought 3 necklace from him (two others are more complex than this simple one) because he was so so so happy (I can tell from his face and the way he said thank you) and told me that he had to hurry to catch the minibus back to his village that afternoon. I had an impression that for a reason he was in dire need some money. Anyway, later on I checked on some local tourist shops in Wamena and Jayapura, only one had it and the price was twice as expensive" will find natural seed beads and batik leather beads from Yogyakarta. First time for me to see leather beads, unique indeed.
Third...wwwwuuaalllaa...these are the gorgeouse beads. The clay beads handmade by my partner. She sent me the whole batch of her first learning project with fimo polymer clay. May I give one suggestion partner? The pattern is ok, but the finishing touch is not neat enough. I still can see clearly the connection between the parts...more smooth more great and beautiful right.

Ooohhh...she gave me beautiful surprise on my weekend with her handmade beads. At first, she told me that she wanted to learn about clay bead. But base on what I have received from her, these are beautiful clay beads for beginner, specially the one which she coloured the beads by herself. Just take a look what she made...
This below clay beads are my fav of hers. So pretty in colors...
She sent me some gemstones and ceramic beads too. I'm not sure what kind of the gemstones, but base on my knowledge on stones' name, I think these are...
From the very front...
Agate carved flower in red.
Jade carved flower in yellow.
Round faceted fire agate in red.
Round faceted carnelian in orange.
Round faceted agate in blue.
Round faceted fire agate in light blue.
Oval ceramic beads in blue.
Ahhhh...what a perfect moment. As I joint Bead Soup Blog Party, my Indonesia Bead Swap sent me unique toogle and clasp w.o.w...

Ohhh...thank you so much patners, you both gave me wonderful weekend and beautiful dream on my sleep for this week. I love them ALL.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

#5 ~ Capture Our Hearts

This week is so fun *smile* For the hole week I brought my camera wherever I go. So hard looking for 'hearts' apparently. In my mind, I imagine to find a beautiful a heart mural painting. I know the place where I can find mural painting...under an overpass in the downtown area, close to a big and famous mall in my city. I went there, but no heart *disappoint* And then on friday morning, I went to my office as usual. I need a pen to sign some documents and...

...wuuuaalllaaa...I notices my pen-case, there are heartssss *ohhh* I'm looking here and there, carrying my camera everywhere, it turns out that what I've been looking for, everyday in front of me, on my table *so silly me*