Thursday, March 28, 2013

BSBP Is In The Air

Today is Bead Soup Blog Party only 1 day a head. Can't wait for the party. Lori makes new addition to the party with a contest for design we made. The jury really scary...Nina Designs...Lima Beads...Fusion Beads...PJ Tool and Jewelry...Beaducation...Kalmbach Publishing...w.o.w...
And as always...Lori provides a lot of categories to win, so there is a chance for anybody to win, no matter your skill level. Here the categories are :
:: Grand Prize ::
(the piece chosen by all judges as the Best in Show)

:: Judge's Choice ::
(favorite of each judge)
:: Best Use of Seed Beads:

:: Best Wire Work ::

 :: Best Use of Fiber ::

:: Best Use of Color ::
and then some more unusual ones....

:: The Out of the Box Award ::
(most creative use of bead soup)

:: Zack's Choice ::
(my son Zack picks his favorite)

:: Out of the Hat Winner ::
(I draw a name out of a hat)

So...don't miss the party okay...the 1st reveal is on saturday, just like photo above. As for me, I'm in the 3rd reveal. And the progress of my BOT for BSBP is...I have made a pair of earring from my partner soup. Here the sneak peek...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BOT : Bead Soup Blog Party

Bead On Table this time is about Bead Soup Blog Party. Although I take the last reveal, but still I need to get hurry. Cause my inspiration is coming so slowly *sad* I have read several blog post for BSBP and it make me motivated *hwating* My Beadaholique arrived already, I hope it is a good sign to start to do something with the soup from my partner Lorelle.
Once the soup I have received from Lorelle. This time scattered all over the table. Try to gain some idea with the beads...the colors...the findings.
Here the beadaholique's 
Well...I'm getting serious with this beading activity. Just received a Miyuki's catalogue...ohhh so gorgeous colors and shapes. More money to spend he he he...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

#12 ~ Observe the Curve

Guess what is this...
This is the rooftop of my factory where my daily job take place. I'm a tax accountant for sure. From here my money comes from to maintain my craft hobby and my online bead store. I must admit, for now I'm still relying on the salary I earn from working in this cocoa factory. And here the complate look to the rooftop...
See the high bushes over there? And the photo below is another scenery I captured from those peaceful right...
Wanna find more curve?
Just click HERE

My New Pieces

Beading haunted me...truely can't make me sleep until I finish it *smile*
Here my finish project for 1st Tantang Dirimoe!, a local challange host by Manik Jawa. I made this bracelet only in 2 days *wwwoooww*
Materials :
Tila Miyuki Beads
11o Miyuki Seed Beads
15o Miyuki Seed Beads
Fire Czech Glass Beads
KO Beading Thread
Inspired by :
The scenery and colourful of sunset. Every beaded bead represent and symbolize the strength of each object on the painting. And for toggle and clasp… do they already similar to the lion’s mane and tail?

I am new comer on beading world. so I still think it's imposible for me to create a new beading pattern, and this beaded bead I make was created using a tutorial from Craftsy. I enjoy the moment when I made it and can't sleep cause too curious to find out the result. Wanna know my needles at the end when I finished this bracelet?
Absolutely need the new one *grin*
Ohh...if you like with the bracelet, would you kind to donate your thumb to vote mine? Here the link to the challenge I followed : Nightfall Frame ... name for the bracelet ...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

#11 ~ The Possibilities are Endless

After missing couple weeks, now I'm trying to catch my late...Sorry Sally =(
And for this week...what is the endless possibilities for me? I'm quite new to beading world. And my focus is on beaded bead. For imagination can't stop when I see any kind of seed beads and small tiny beads.  So I guess my endless possibilities for this moment is seed beads and their tiny small friends.
I'm still learning...and will always learn. Beading, specially beaded bead has been driving me crazy. I spent lot of money (honest) to buy any kind of seed beads in many different colors from various brands plus threads (from ordinary one to braided bead thread). I play with them...enjoy...sometimes I forget to sleep *grin* cause so curious to finish the pattern. From seed beads and their tiny small friends, I have many many possibilities to create patterns and jewelleries. Here some possibilities that already comes true...
And the brand new is...
I'm learning to make a jewelry from beading technique. As I told before that I join local challange, so here the progress from bead on my table today...
So many people follow this Focus on Life host by Sally Russick. And if you want to know what others endless possibilities, just simple click HERE. Have a great weekend...

BOT : 1st Tantang Dirimoe

BOT is Bead On Table, which mean all the beads that ready for my project. Last month I decided to join 1st Tantang Dirimoe , a local challange host by Manik Jawa. Little bit confuse with this picture below. I got the idea on the very last week (the deadline is March 17th). the inspiration...
In Letzter Not, 1842
Oil on canvas
154cm x 168.5cmg
Raden Sarief Bastaman Saleh (1807 - 1880)
The idea came so so late so I must check my beads colors and shapes too. Some beads which I don't have, I decided to buy some through local online shop. After picked and picked process and found out that the colors I chose was out of stock, bit made me crazy. As I only have one week to create something, so I chose ONS (overnight service) for the delivery. But once again...trouble on the way. The store-taker forgot to check-mark the ONS column, so my package delivery on REGULAR service *oooohhhhhhh* And I just received it yesterday (friday) evening *goooddd* so I only have two days to fulfill my project *greeeattt* the colors pallete that I choose base on the picture above...
Now...those beads on my table ready to cook and play. I'll let you know the progress of my project. I'm so exciting doing this project, cause for the first time I'll try my best to string the beaded beads and turns it into bracelet. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Soup From Australia

I got my soup from my partner this week. Thank you Lorelle for a great colors pallate on the soup. And...I finally have silk ribbon *yyyeee* A lot of beads kind that I met on this soup. Here the details...
 The focal is handmade lampwork by Debbie Does Beads
Some caps and a pair of earring hook from sterling silver.
Unique sterling silver toogle & clasp.
A round sterling silver wire and black suede tubing.
Czech drunk in black and blue. 
Round turquoise gemstones.
Beautiful blue pure silk from Maytime Heirlooms.
I don't know what is the black fiber in crocet form. It's so soft. 
Blue synthetic cord.
Chinese crystal rondelled in black and orange.
Swarovski pearls.
Orange shell beads.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Bead Soup For Lorelle

Just like I predicted before, my package of soup for her will arrive faster then mine. Not to mention my post office performance which is slow motion. So my package for her was arrived to her home on monday. And here what I had sent for her. Hope it will give her a lot of idea to create something out of the box, just like Lori Anderson's main purpose of her Bead Soup Blog Party
Here the cover of package. I used recycled paper, deliberately being crumpled to add friendly to environment effect. I did drawing some filigries with different colors and patterns to give some art-touch. Not too good in drawing actually, but here I am, trying something new all the times *smile* And the red butterfly pin is handmade by me. Hope Lorelle love it...
I forget to snap my box, it made from Batik Yogyakarta Printing. If you want to know the box's detail, just visit Lorelle's blog IN HERE. Now time for the beads...
These are air-dry clay bead and cabocon, handmade by Wulan in Jakarta
This is a key-holder, made from rubber teat, handmade by Sidoarjo craftmen. This is my gift for you Lorelle, so it's not count into the beads to create =)
As I know my partner is beading Lady, so I still give her some seed beads too. From the very left (light blue) is Matsuno seed bead, (round blue) Sakura seed bead, (square yellow) Peacock seed bead (from Taiwan), (light green) Matsuno seed bead, (green) Peacock seed bead.
Full strand of fire agate mixed colors. Full strand of funchia puff keishi pearls. Full strand of freshwater dancing oval white cream pearls.
Some toogle and clasp.
These are handpaiting by Fida Art on Gudo glass beads.
Some strands of Gudo seed beads.
Here we are, our local glass beads, we call them Gudo glass beads. But in overseas, they famous with the name of Java Beads.
And here my own handmade, simple beaded bead made from tiger-eyes round stones and swarovski bicones, plus beaded tassels made from Matsuno seed beads and Gudo glass beads.

That's the story of soup.
And today I inform by post office that there is a package from Australia for me *yyyyyiiiiippppyyy* It's must be from Lorelle. Can't wait...
See you in the next post for my soup from my partner.